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Greetings from Chesapeake, Virginia, where the ocean is a few miles east, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a day-trip west, and we get pretty good versions of all four seasons most years. Not bad at all, but you keep an eye on those hurricanes.  

I wrote my first song not long after learning a couple of chords on the guitar. It seemed like a natural thing to do then and songwriting remains an essential, if temperamental, part of my life now, many years later.

In 2021, I had the pleasure of working with Peter Young at Ultra Audio Productions to record and produce a six-song EP. Recorded at Nashville’s Studio 19, I’ve Never Had a Better Day is a ride on my country side and features a group of elite musicians who always give it all they’ve got. You can read more about the players and the session HERE.

The new single, Blue Point (Rocket Rat’s Goodbye)  is a return to my rock n’ roll, garage band roots, with fabulous performances by Peter Young on drums and David Santos on bass. If you’re taking the time to listen that means a lot, thank you!

We are now at a critical tipping point for our planet Earth, a time when we can act and still save and rehabilitate it or not. Let’s get busy on this planet, because we already know, “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids.” There is no Planet B.